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Terms of Service
* By using ForgottenShadows, you agree to these statements.

1. General Rules
Throughout the site, it is moderated. Please keep in mind, we do not allow the following:
  • Spamming
  • Hacking
  • Copying Items
  • Personal Attack
  • Online Dating
  • Profanity/Inappropriate Content
  • Offsite Links
  • Bribery
  • Alt Buying
  • Alt Donating
  • Selling Items/Currency (Using Real World Currency)
  • Alt Spamming
If you do any of those things above, our staff will ban you. We do not tolerate complaints about bans. Doing so will have your ban escalated.

2. Items
All the items you upload are your property. If another user copies your item, please report it to us immediately at [email protected] and we will take care of it. On the other hand, if you copy another item without authorized permission, we will take punishments very hard. Your account will be frozen in a range from 7 days to termination. If you had sufficient permission to re-upload a similar item from the ORIGINAL item with proof, please send us an email at [email protected] to have your ban appealed. We will need a screenshot of the way your other party has interacted, it has to be on SP, we can not track other conversations on 3rd party sites.
Uploading an item from another site that is not yours or you made is strictly forbidden.

3. Members
You are expected to treat all users, nobody who it is, in a kind manner. All 'personal attack,' harassing, and so-forth is not aloud.

4. Hacking
Hacking on ForgottenShadows is strictly not allowed, and your account will be terminated straight away with a lifetime IP ban.

5. Alt Buying
Alt Buying is when you make alternate accounts to buy an item that is limited when you have already bought the item with your main account. This will lead to immediate termination of your main account and permanent IP ban.

6. Alt Donating
Alt Donating is basically the same as Alt Buying, you make alternate accounts to donate to your main account. This is a serious violation and will lead to immediate termination of your main account and a permanent IP ban.

7. Bribery
Bribing users or staff is against the rules here at SP, and will not be tolerated. You will be immediately terminated if you bribe someone.

8. Profanity
All profanity, classified as 'cuss words' too, is not aloud on ForgottenShadows. Your acccount will be moderated if you use profanity anywhere on the site.

9. Online Dating
ForgottenShadows guarantees a kid-friendly environment, and it is extremely dangerous to Online Date. If you are caught, you will be banned immediately.

Remember, if your account is terminated or temporarily banned, we will not refund any services. You will also be banned if you join any restricted groups that you do not belong in. The reason will be for impersonation of staff or insubordination.

10. Selling Items/Currency
ForgottenShadows guarantees a secure purchase at our upgrade page. However, we do not allow user sales by selling BUX, limiteds, and accounts for any other currencies including USD, Microsoft Points, and so forth. Both sides of the sale will be banned for 3 or 7 days determining the sale.

11. Alt Spamming
Alt Spamming is a major issue in ForgottenShadows, which is why you are only permitted to have 15 accounts on ForgottenShadows. If you have more than 2 then your all your accounts will be terminated. You may make a new account after your accounts are terminated, but if you repeat the same offence one more time, you will be terminated again and IP banned permanently.

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